Message from Headteacher


My appreciation goes to all teachers,parents,BOM and friends of the school for this far that the school has reached in displine performnce and development.

Our school started in 1959 as a single stream, mixed day by the Catholic Church. It was to serve Elburgon area and its environs. It was registered as St Peters Girls full Primary school. It later became a boys day primary school. The school is situated along the Elburgon Molo road.

St Peters Boys Primary School is an institution charged with the responsibility of accelerating and maintaining quality education, and be a district day school centre of Excellence among day schools nationally.

The school is mandated to administer and manage educational programmes to benefit its students and local residents besides other functions.

School Motto,Vision and Mission

Motto: Knowledge is key to success

Mission: To impact the desired skills and values to enable boy child to become responsible.

Vision: To mould …

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Location of the school

Location:   Zone-Elburgon


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